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He’s Moved!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Updates on Mads are now being posted along with his sister at

Homemade Graffiti – Preschooler Fun

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Inspired by a chalk painting post, we mixed up our own and went to it:

This is our second batch – we branched out and mixed a few more colors. The recipe (1c corn starch, 1c water, food coloring) made about six muffin cups’ worth of paint.

The paint goes on partially translucent, but dries like chalk.

Maddox is into drawing lines that branch off of each other, making a series of shapes built off each other. Think Mondrian with tangential streaks of color when the artist is moved to chase after and paint or smoosh (respectively) rocks and bugs. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure from Art History lessons that this was also Mondrian’s motivation.

We did circles, a few letters, and lots of lines. Things got a little rowdy towards the end – Mom painted her car tires and Maddox got some paint in his hair.

All in all, a good project. 38 weeks pregnant Mom had to go put on shorts under her dress in order to sit on the driveway without alarming the neighbors and passersby, but other than that, we were good!