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Baby # 2’s Room

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Maddox has been keeping me company while I set up BabyTwo’s room (note the spatula on the floor – he was cooking while I was cleaning out years of office junk).

The dresser took some hardware finagling to fix up for use (the drawers were falling out, but have since been repaired, Mommy-style). The curtains are donated by my Mom and I had a lot of fun picking out a cute changing table cover.

I also can’t get over the whole pink thing – my sister’s daughters are kindly handing down their clothes, and it is so cool to go through bags and bags of teeny little frilly dresses and fluffy onesies.

We’re using the same chair as last time, but there is a slight difference in the sitter:

Also, the baby will be pretty comfortable, as her bed comes with a living fur comforter. It’s very green and sustainable.