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New Pediatrician

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Today, Mads and I stayed home because he had a mid-morning doctor’s appointment at his new pediatrician’s office. We played the morning away out back, and then packed up and drove over to the new office.



We had been very happy with the office in Salem, where we had taken Maddox since birth, but facing the 40 minute drive for all those dozens of first year appointments for the new baby was just too daunting. In addition, his pediatrician decided to close his practice, and while there are many other great pediatricians available, we figured it was time to find an office closer to home.

doctor 1

We ended up choosing a pediatrician that was 5 minutes away from our house (exciting!) and I was really impressed with the office. Maddox had the finger prick, plus they squeezed to get a larger sample for a cholesterol test, and he was calm and interested throughout the whole thing. The nurse explained everything to him, and he was actually playing and being silly while she took the sample.

finger prick

silly at the doctor

The doctor was great – she explained to Maddox that she was going to guess what his breakfast had been, and examined his stomach and spleen and such on that pretense. She also let him listen to his heart (a bunny party), gave him the tongue depressor to help her check his teeth, and searched his ears for race cars.

After the visit, we went to MacDonalds as a treat (probably not something to share with our health care provider) and then we went to the playground for a half an hour to run around before nap time.


I am really looking forward to this summer with Maddox – we will be spending more time together, as Jon and I recently made the decision to decrease Maddox’s preschool days down to 2 a week, plus “Grammy’s preschool” on Wednesday mornings. I’m excited about trying new outdoor activities, and, now that Maddox is old enough to negotiate, reason, and most importantly, to listen, it is even more of a pleasure to just hang out.

Moon Dough

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

We found the idea and recipe for a Moon Dough sensory bin on Mama.Papa.Bubba, a great parenting-experience blog. Mads had a blast, and (despite slight concern for our rug) so did Mom.