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The Best Little Dude Ever

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I had a pretty terrible week last week. On Friday, I had the chance to take Maddox out for a quick lunch. All morning I had been getting him excited about going to get burgers and fries at an awesome diner in Merrimac called Skip’s.

We were both excited and starving by the time lunch rolled around. But, in a pretty good representation of what my week was like, we drove up to find the place closed for the season. I drove into a nearby spot and just rested my head on the steering wheel.

“Yook! They’re open!” Maddox said, pointing to a window replacement store next door (his l’s currently sound like y’s — yook, yock, yight).

“They don’t have hamburgers there, buddy.” I replied.

“Oh. That’s sad. Hamburgers are closed. That’s sad,” he said.


“Wait! I know! Pizza is happy! Pizza makes you not sad! Get to it!” (“Get to it” is a random phrase Maddox has latched on to recently).

And thus, we drove around the corner to Flatbread Pizza in Amesbury, and lunch was saved.