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Florida Vacation

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We booked it spur of the moment last month after finding and amazing deal, and invited my mom along as a Christmas present.

We took an early morning but easy flight out of Manchester, New Hampshire. Maddox was great nearly the whole three hour flight – he seems to becoming a pro at the whole air traveler thing. We got in on Wednesday noon, stopped for pizza, and then checked into our hotel, the Hilton Beach Resort. We lucked out with an upgrade and had a corner room with a wrap-around balcony and great view of the ocean.

Maddox was a huge fan of the elevators. He got quite good and guessing which one was coming next.

We spent that afternoon hanging out on the beach with a few sand toys. The weather the whole week 80 degrees and sunny, such a nice change from the mild but still chilly winter in New England.

We went to a delicious Cuban restaurant that night where Maddox (and I) both tried yuca root for the first time (tastes like potatoes!). The next morning we went to the amazing Flamingo Gardens, a non-profit wildlife preserve which is home to local injured animals.




Afterwards, we stopped for a picnic at one of the city parks. There was something pretty cool about having a picnic outdoors in late January.


We spent that afternoon at the beach again. This time mom and Nonny went swimming for awhile while dad built up sand walls which Maddox promptly destroyed with the help of Mingo, his new toy.



Friday morning we woke up and made a beeline directly for the beach. This time we ventured a bit further south to the town of Hollywood, which featured a 7 mile long beach. It was, quite simply, gorgeous. Even Dad went swimming for awhile!



That afternoon, we went shopping on Las Olas Boulevard and found a wedding dress for my sister Cassie.


Ok, not really. But there was some crazy fashion on that street. We went to dinner at a somewhat disappointing Mexican restaurant, but made up for it with some delicious gelato.

The next morning, we dropped Nonny off at the airport. Our flight was a couple hours later, so we went to the Anne Kolb Nature Center and took a nice trail through the mangrove swamps.



All in all, it was a wonderful vacation, and very, very hard to come back from!

Like Father, Like Son

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Maddox had his first ever school performance tonight, the Winter Gala.  I was excited all day about it – I felt like such a parent!

I had measured expectations though. I mean, these kids are 2 1/2 years old. Can you even get them to stand in one place?

Turns out the answer is, kind of. But not Maddox. Much like I did at that age, he would much rather sit in his mom’s lap than partake in any school activities.

But he sure is an enthusiastic clapper!

My Video Game Buddy

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

I am thrilled. I finally have a friend to play video games with. He’s a little grabby at times, and needs some work on his eye-hand coordination. But he certainly doesn’t lack enthusiasm.

Mads has always been somewhat interested in the video games that we’ve played on the computer and iPad, but for some reason he’s completely gravitated towards this game called Kingdom Rush.

I can’t say why it appeals to him so much. It’s a game where you try to stop orcs and bats from attacking your castle by placing defenses along a road. But he loves it!

The two favorite things he likes doing are calling down meteors and placing reinforcements. For the first he’ll look at my quizzicly and ask, “Fire?” I tell him to go for it and he says “Okay!”, touches the iPad to drop the meteors, and yells “FIRE!”.

He still has good manners though. When the orcs and knights fight on the road, he always says “That’s not nice.” He also refers to the game as “Time out” because of all the people hitting each other, and the fact that the only timeouts he has gotten in his life are from when he hits people.