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Halloween 2011

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

This was an interesting year for Halloween. Two nights before, we had a massive snowstorm, with not that much snow, but enough to bring down tree branches that left us without power for much of the weekend.

My parents were visiting, which meant we all wore multiple layers of clothing and, being without power, let Maddox dictate the activities for the day.

On Halloween itself, we had some friends over who had just moved to the area, also hoping that their kids would serve to inspire Maddox to get into the lion costume we had for him. He wouldn’t have any of that at first. Oddly enough though, he was very excited by the idea of painting his face!

He still wouldn’t get into his costume though. So we thought we’d head out with just the face paint. At that point, my smart wife asked Maddox if he wanted to put his “coat” on. Tada!

We then took Maddox around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes, and it was an absolute blast. There are some points when being a parent that are just the best feelings in the world, and walking around with him, gleefully holding his pumpkin up while he said trick-or-treat to every house and other person out there, was one of those moments.