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Friday with Maddox

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Today, Maddox and I got up early and went to the grocery store.  Mads helps me by putting everything into the cart, and then helping to load the conveyor belt at the register (I hand him something, he hands it back to me, and I put it on the belt).

After the store, we swung by Dunkin Donuts (iced tea for me, munchin for Mads) and I have the slight suspicion that Maddox must go to drive-throughs a fair amount.  As soon as Maddox saw the window, he began clamoring for, “fries?  fries?  bagel?  fries?”  I’ll take responsibility for the fries (on a low-carb diet, eating 5 hamburgers for dinner minus the bun isn’t out of the question) but I suspect the bagel is a treat from his daycare provider!

Once we had the food put away, we headed over to the playground and Rail Trail. Mads pushed a couple kids around (kids are so darn SLOW) and made enforced apologies (“Do you want to go HOME, Maddox?  Do you want to go HOME?”) and he tried the swings again.

110715 playground

On the Rail Trail, when we approached the train, Maddox got really, really excited (he’s been playing with trains at home a lot, and watches Thomas the Tank Engine in the car) and said, “Train?  Train?  BIG Train!  Wowwwwww.” He ran over to it, and had a great time moving all the gears and ringing the bell.

110715 train

On the way back, Mads surprised me by saying, “pocket?  Meh-meh pocket?” because he wanted to put a stick that he’d been carrying into his shorts pocket.  He can say and understand so much these days, it constantly amazes us.  Words we had no idea he understood are coming out of his mouth, in context and with the intended meaning.  He makes jokes now, and remembers things (so watch what you promise him)!

110715 pockets

Influencial Toddlers

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Maddox has been interacting more and more with other children recently. Whereas before, when he was younger, they would mostly just do this kind of creepy stare, now they actually do something resembling social interaction. Even if that interaction involves teaching bad habits.

For example, Maddox met another boy named Sascha at the playground a few weeks ago. One of Sascha’s favorite activities was running around with a stick in his mouth. Well Maddox found this absolutely fascinating, so he decided to do the same thing.

In turn, Maddox decided to show Sascha how awesome it was to splash in muddy puddles and get as much of your shoes, socks, and clothes as soaked as possible.

And all of this occurred in just about ten minutes. I can’t wait to see what he picks up once he starts pre-school.

Jello Green and Other Tidbits

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Maddox is currently really into jello. We eat it with him, sharing by alternating spoonfuls. When he wants some, he runs to the fridge and asks for “jello green” or “jello red.”

He also loves his new mower toy – he went around the ottoman very thoroughly, I think we’re going to have to let him take over the one outside soon!

And, thanks to his daycare provider, he is potty training at 2! It is way more thrilling than you’d think.

He’s started faking “night-night” complete with adorable fake snores. He also is using names more, as in “Maddox cookie Maddox cookie please!” not just “cookie!” Note: most things are property of Meh-meh, but some things are Mommy’s, Daddy’s or Kitty’s (as in Kitty’s tail). He also is getting adjectives, like, “heavy train” or “yucky bee!”

Finally, Mads has learned that when people aren’t around they are at somewhere, for example, when Jon isn’t in the room, Mads will ask, “Daddy work?”

It’s pretty awesome. =)