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Trip to the Beach

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Lately, Maddox has wanted to be outside as much as possible.  When he and Dad come home at the end of the day, he makes a beeline for the sliding door that leads out to the deck.  Then, he tries to open the door, all the while asking if we can go, “Outside?  Outside?  Outside PLEASE?”

With this in mind, Jon, Maddox and I have been spending more time at the beach.  Mads isn’t a big fan of the water (yucky water!) but he likes to chase the birds and play in the sand. He’s also really into sticks.  Jon and I were listening to This American Life today, and the interviewee was explaining how his Dad used to hand him and his brother buckets and make them pick up rocks off the lawn.  And I was thinking, you know, for a two year old, that is prime entertainment.  Also, it’s a hereditary thing, because apparently, when I was in pre-school, I used to make all the other little girls in my class pick up sticks and drop them down the gutter.  (I was the princess in this scenario and I guess the sticks were fueling my evil empire or something.)

Mads and I like to walk up and down the beach, find a spot, plop down and put sand in a bucket.  Then, Mom dumps the bucket and we repeat.  Jon and I are starting to learn that there’s nothing more relaxing than just hanging out on the beach with your kid.


The best laid plans of fish and men

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

One with the fish

Leanne and I always get very excited for when we come up with what we think will be the *perfect* day for Maddox, one that will make him incredibly happy, where we can look back and say, man, aren’t we just the best parents.

Of course, it never really works out that way. But the great thing is that, when just being in the company of your wife and son is the greatest thing in the world, the best laid plans that go awry often end up being your favorite memories.

Such was the case today, when I took the day off of work and we planned to catch the ferry into Boston and go to the aquarium. Turns out the ferry only runs once every few hours though, and we missed the morning one, so we had to scratch that.

Instead we drove in, and while getting to Boston went smoothly, making the correct turn off the freeway to south Boston did not. So we started the day by paying a $3.50 toll to drive around the departure gates at Logan airport. This is what happens when I get too busy espousing the wonders of my new GPS app to Leanne to actually pay attention to the directions.

Twenty minutes and $18 later we found a parking garage and made our way to the aquarium. I was very excited that we were here on a Friday instead of a summer weekend, thrilled that we wouldn’t have to fight mobs of children to see a turtle.

Until I saw six school buses pull up.

Walking in the entrance door, squeezed in between what I estimated to be roughly 80 small beings who were screaming and laughing and running I circles, I said to myself that I am **never** having kids, and then remembered that I was pushing a stroller.

Just kidding. I don’t know if it’s because I have a child now too and see these children all as potential friends for him, but I actually found them quite endearing. All 876 of them.


Eventually we did make our way up to the aquariums, at which point Maddox would often yell “YUCKY FISH!” and demand instead to look down the ramp which was pretty much his favorite exhibit at the place. The ramp. At this point I was very grateful to Leanne for picking up passes from the library to save $30 on admission to the New England Ramp Center I mean Aquarium.

I was still looking forward to showing Maddox the sharks and sting rays in the big tank, which I knew he would recognize from **Finding Nemo**. I was having trouble spotting them though, and thought, “Where are the sharks and sting rays?”.

Then I saw a big sign that said “Where are the sharks and sting rays?”. Turns out they’re “vacationing” due to some type of parasite in the tank.

At this point, we decided it was best to head out. On the way back to the garage, Maddox discovered a puddle. A puddle! He was beyond thrilled, and spent the next fifteen minutes splashing through every puddle he could find, laughing manically. It was as if he was saying, now that you guys got finished having your fun, I get to have mine!

In the end, it turned out to be a pretty great day.


Help Around the House

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Our First Bowling Outing

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

It was a cloudy, rainy weekend here, the first we’ve had in quite awhile. So what to do with our two year old after having been spoiled by the great outdoors? Bowling, of course!

In a way, it’s an odd choice, because can a two year old really bowl? Almost certainly not at a regular bowling lane, but here in Massachusetts they’re fond of this type of bowling called candlepin bowling. Most importantly, for a toddler, this version replaces the huge, ten pound bowling bowl with a light weight ball the size of a softball.

We *figured* Maddox would love a game where he got to throw a ball down a ramp and have it hit things.

Scared of Bowling

Unfortunately, he ended up misunderstanding the point of the game. To him, we were taking his toys (the bowling balls) and throwing them away from him. What kind of game was that!? So he gathered them up and guarded them, eyeing us suspiciously the whole time.

In the end, I played everyone’s games, and did quite well, certainly not due to the fact that there were bumpers along the gutters.

Before leaving, we went over to the arcade where I was pleased to find *Dance Dance Revolution*. Now **this** was Maddox’s type of game. He’s kind of the king of stamping his feet around.

How to Know Your Toddler has Accessed Your Netflix Account

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Netflix Queue