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Finally Spring

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

It’s only been warm enough to go outside for two, maybe three weekends so far, but I’m already wondering how we got through a whole winter cooped up inside. Mads is at the age where he can be endless entertained by just plopping him down on a lawn.

On Friday, I took him to Endicott Park in Danvers, which has a nice playground area for 2-5 year olds. Mads couldn’t have been less interested in the playground itself though. Instead, he had a blast just running around, collecting sticks and dirt. He does seem to be very sociable, chasing after kids or yelling their names when he hears their parents or friends do it.


Today, Leanne was in Boston yet again for a hair cut, and even though it was a somewhat chilly 45 and very windy, we decided to brave the outdoors. We went to a wonderful park called Moseley Woods, just a few minutes from our house, that I only just noticed last week. It is more of a “woods” than a park, which is the perfect place for Mads as there’s a million leaves and sticks to collect and organize. It’s also right along the Merrimac River which makes for a scenic view for dad.


I thought Mads would want to explore the actual playground, but instead he seemed more inclined to just walk around, so we did our first trail! I actually logged the whole thing and posted it at RunKeeper. Maddox isn’t going to set any speed records at a pace of 93 minutes per mile, but he had a nice time exploring the woods, saying hi to the occasional puppy that passed.


Personally, I seem to have finally gotten an appreciation for nice hikes in the woods, something I absolutely loathed growing up. I’m sure Maddox will eventually rebel against them in the same way – it’s only fair to my mom and dad, right?


deCordova and Drumlin

Monday, April 11th, 2011

This weekend was the first true Spring weekend of 2011, so we thought we’d take advantage of that by driving an hour south to the Lexington area and visit the deCordova Sculpture Garden and Drumlin Farm.

We were very excited to go outside with Maddox. Winter was very, very long. It’s actually the first time Winter has ever felt long to me, and I think it’s because there was an 18 month old running around in circles. Also, last year Maddox was walking, but just barely. He didn’t understand the concept of, well, anything besides tumbling forward and hoping his feet held him up.


Once we got to the museum, we setup a picnic in front of a metal sculpture of a gigantic dog. Mads was pretty good staying close by, even though he was clearly thrilled to be outside. Leanne would ocassionaly tempt him with berries and hotdogs (his two favorite foods right now, by far) and he’d come running back to us.


I can’t say he was very interested in the art though. What he did find fascinating was the pinecones! He went on a search for them, and would come running back to us whenever he found one, very excited to share in his discovery. He ended up collecting them in a neat line, making a little sculpture of his own.


After spending some more time collecting branches, leaves, and pinecones, we drove over to the Drumlin animal farm. By far Mad’s favorite animal here was the chickens, who he found hilarious.


He wasn’t very into any of the other animals though, possibly because of a close encounter we had with a very loud sheep. Who knew a baaaaaaa could be so menacing? So we hightailed it out of there.


Baby’s Favorite iPad App

Sunday, April 10th, 2011