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Sledding? Not so much

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Today, Leanne is in Boston for most of the day getting her hair cut (meanwhile, I got mine cut in twenty minutes this morning. Must be a girl thing). So I thought while mommy was awhile I would take Mads out and for a little risk and adventure and go sledding! I figured with Mom away there’d be no one telling us to be careful or slow down.

Apparently Maddox isn't a huge fan of sledding

Except, it turns out, for Maddox. He’s not really a huge fan of the snow to begin with. For one, he seems to be convinced it completely immobilizes him, because he never even attempts to walk on it. Also, he’s never shown much love for “thrill” activities like swinging. He’d rather methodically move one pile of woodchips onto another.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he absolutely hated going out into 20″ snow and trying to sled. First, he fell asleep on the way there. We arrived, at which points I realized that while I remembered all the boots, hats, mittens, coats, and other accouterments, I had forgotten the actual sled. So we drove home, got the sled, drove back, paid $2 for parking with a $20 and received 18 dollar coins, and made our way to the small sledding hill at Maudsley State Park. Maddox didn’t want to walk, or be dragged in the sled, so this was all carrying him in one arm and the sled in the other in two feet of packed snow.

But it was all worth it, right? Right!?

Perhaps not.