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The Running Mads

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The other day I noticed that, at some point, Maddox learned to run. I think what made me notice was how difficult it was to catch him when he didn’t want to put on his coat. To think that only 6 months ago he was a blob whose movement spend was limited to how fast his little baby arms could scoot him across the floor.

His mama also did a great job teaching him to not only crawl up stairs, which didn’t take long, but to crawl down them as well. It’s pretty funny at times: When he wants to go outside, he’ll get down on his hands and knees 5-10 feet in front of the baby and just start crawling backwards until he bumps his butt into the gate, at which point he’ll demand it be moved.

Thankfully, he isn’t quite at the stage where he demands he goes everywhere by his own two feet, but I’m sure that’s coming up.

We went to the New Hampshire Children’s Museum a few weekends ago (great place, by the way), but his favorite thing there was a ramp. He’d probably never walked on a ramp before, so he had a great time running up and down it.

When visiting his grandparents, he donned a bird mask which pretty much blinded him but didn’t stop him from careening around the house

And then just last night I saw him jump for the first time. As in, both feet actually leave the ground. Probably by only a centimeter or so, but seeing him be coordinated enough to do that is pretty cool!