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Ramblin’ Man

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

It is just so cool to have Maddox walking now. I know he’s been walking for a couple weeks, but I still can’t get over seeing him just stand up and walk down the hall. I don’t think he’s gotten tired of the novelty of it either, as he still seems overjoyed to be able to move around like the rest of us.

Plus in the past few days he’s learned to stand up without the assistance of a wall, chair, cat, etc so he has pretty much complete freedom. Which makes public excursions … interesting. He’s not at the age yet where he understands the concept of holding hands and staying “in bounds.” This, coupled with the fact that he’s still not 100% sure on his feet and might go careening into a pole or curb at any moment, make outings where he goes walking a bit of a challenge. To top it off, if you do put him down, don’t plan on picking him up anytime again soon, as he tends to go ballistic when you interrupt his walking.

He does handle falls pretty well too, usually just shaking them off unless he’s tired or grump. We haven’t had a fall that’s resulted in a bruise or scrape yet, but I’m sure that’s not too far off!

The Imitation Game

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Mads has been doing more and more imitating recently. It’s funny how normally someone imitating you is a bad thing, and yet with a baby it’s something you want to encourage! His most recent “act” is mimicking talking on the phone, though of course he doesn’t mind replacing the phone with whatever object happens to be nearby. Last night it was a whole can of puff snacks. He’d pick it up and say “Daaaaaaaaaaa!” I was just waiting for him to say “Daaaaaaaaaaa, can I stay out another hour?”

He’s also very prone to imitating sounds he hears on television. For example, he makes an incredibly convincing bird of prey sound. Then the other night he did a great imitation of Barney, from the show How I Met Your Mother, laughing it up.

He isn’t just imitating sounds either. At daycare, one of the other children makes a habit out of opening the toy box, taking out a block, and then closing it again. Our daycare provider told us yesterday that even though that child wasn’t there, Maddox spent the whole day opening the toy box, taking a block out, closing it, placing the block on the table, and then repeating.

Mads also is happy to “help” Leanne with laundry, whereby he will take each piece of clean laundry out of the basket, one by one, carefully placing it on the floor. Sadly he has yet to grasp the concept of folding.

Luckily, he hasn’t started imitating any of our bad habits yet. Not like we walk around cursing or anything, but I’m certainly known to yell at the cats occasionally, and I just know that some day I’m going to hear Maddox start doing the same thing.

Father’s Day Two

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

It’s my second father’s day, which just astounds me, to think that it’s already been a whole year already. At some point today Leanne brought out the book she had made for me last father’s day. It was pictures of Maddox, who was only a bit over one month old at that point. It really hit home that the boy sitting next to me today was just that – a boy – a not the baby that I saw in this book.

For father’s day, Leanne got me a shirt that says, appropriately, “Happy Dad”. Maddox got a shirt as well, which says “Happy Baby”. So we make a good pair. We went out to the Newburyport Farmer’s Market, where three people actually came up to me and told me they loved the shirt. Afterwards, we walked into downtown Newburyport and to Waterfront Park, where Maddox had his first real chance to walk around in a big area outside. He seemed overwhelmed, but in a good way, as he was just non-stop walking, walking, walking. Most surprisingly, he didn’t fall once. It’s really amazing how quickly he has gotten comfortable on his feet.





Growing Up

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Back when Maddox was about three months old, I was talking with another dad who has two children, one four and one who is just a few months older than Mads. He said that babies’ development seems to come in spurts, usually every few months.

Well, we’ve certainly had one of those spurts recently – coincidentally enough, right around his first birthday. It’s getting harder and harder to refer to him as a baby because of how much he’s changing.

The biggest change has been walking. A month or so ago, Maddox took his first steps in (of all places) the bath tub. He took another few the next day, and then that was it. I think of him saying, alright, I know how to do this now, I just need to wait for my body to get the balance down.

Then near the end of last week he decided, ok, I think I’m good! And he started walking everywhere. He still stumbles and falls a lot of course, and he hasn’t learned how to stand up without the support of a couch, wall, etc, but I’m sure that is coming soon. It was really surreal last week when I was in the kitchen making breakfast, and all of the sudden I just see him turn the corner and walk into the kitchen. I’m so proud of him, but even better, he’s so proud of himself – you can just see it in his face when he walks towards you.

At the same time he’s also begun making new sounds, like “ga ga”. He’s said maybe about a dozen words since he first said “da da” six months ago, but recently it’s just been a constant stream of new sounds. He’s also started using emphasis as well. For example, when he finds a crayon he’ll beeline over to his drawing pad saying “dot dot, dot dot” (which is what Jeanne, his daycare provider, has taught him to call it) in what can best be described as an excited whisper. It’s pretty cute.

He’s started imitating more sounds too. The other night, Leanne and I were watching a cartoon where a hawk was swooping down and making a screeching cawing sound. Out of nowhere, Maddox does a dead-on impression of it.

He’s also growing in other ways, such as having stranger anxiety, which is odd to get used to since it was so non-existant until now.

Right after his birthday, we moved his crib into the bedroom that was eventually going to be his when he was old enough for a bed.

So, there’s been quite a lot of change for The Duke recently! The Duke has been Mad’s nickname ever since he started crawling. He reminded me of Marmaduke, the cartoon dog, because of the way he crawled around. Except I thought the dog’s name was Marduke. Which, of course, can be shortened to Duke. And hence Maddox became Duke, The Duke, or Baby Duke.