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Baby Has Discovered Nature

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

And his response is to enthusiastically rip plants apart and attempt to eat them.

Perhaps we should postpone our spring trip to the arboretum indefinitely.


Monday, February 22nd, 2010

A few weeks ago, we noticed something interesting when we put Maddox on the floor to play with his toys. A few minutes later, he would magically appear in another spot. Eventually it clicked: He was actually moving himself. The methods were somewhat varied, but they included the backwards-sitting-scoot and something similar to what they do in army movies to go under barbed wire. He came close to a crawl a few times, and would make two or three quick movements before falling flat on his face.

Then just a day or two ago, we had actual, legitimate, sustained crawling! Including a 90 degree turn – very impressive.

At the same time, Maddox also learned how to stand in his crib. It definitely takes some getting used to, to come into the nursery and see your baby standing and looking up at you.

Leanne has done a great job babyproofing the house, although I’m still getting used to the fact that you can turn around and – whoops – baby is pulling down your laptop.

Helping with the Laundry

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Maddox generously offered to help me with the laundry today.

He was a very good sport while I folded.

He did, however think we had too many clothes.

He thought maybe he had a better use of our time & our laundry basket.

And after a little convincing, we were on our way.


Baby Loves His Finger-Foods

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

3 days shy of 9 months…

Hooray!  Maddox’s doctor says that Maddox can start having finger-foods like egg, deli meats and bread, all cut up small.  In fact, with the exception of foods like honey, chocolate, peanut butter & citrus fruits, Maddox can have whatever we eat.  It is a whole new exciting world.

He’s always loved Gerber pears, peas and applesauce.  His first consistent finger-food has been Graduate Puffs.  They’re not bad – kind of like really poofy cereal.  They’re almost the texture of Funyuns, but a lot tastier.

He pops them in his mouth to chew, but sometimes does not remove his fingers before starting, which can’t feel good – he’s on 4 1/2 teeth now (the newest one is top left, next to the middle two teeth).

But, he gets there in the end, and is thrilled to have something more interesting to eat.  I’m a little concerned about all the additional energy these foods will give him – he’s already scooting all over creation and I can only imagine that this will mean he’ll be bouncing off the walls regularly.

Come to think of it, I’d better get some baby-proof pads for our ceiling as well, just in case.

*Quick correction: Maddox actually has cut 6 teeth – I noticed another one on the right side of his top two teeth.  Yay, let’s get ’em out so we can stop teething!

Video Baby Monitor

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

One of the many reasons I love Jon is because of his mad technological skillz.

I’ve been wanting a video monitor for awhile, since I worry about Maddox’s safety when he’s sleeping in his crib.  The chance of anything happening is slim, even though (as you can see) Mads requires a fair amount of baggage before making the trip to dreamland.  But I’d rather be safe.

Not wanting to spend $200+ on a video monitor that our child would probably use to sue us at age 10 for breach of privacy, Jon set up our old Dell laptop in the nursery and created an internal connection so we could watch our sleeping baby to our hearts’ content, but so none of the registered sex offenders in the area could tune in.

In any case, it’s wonderful to be able to check on Maddox while he’s napping, and it will make me feel a lot better at night.  And it’s great to know that I should avoid Storey Avenue at all costs when taking neighborhood walks this summer.  Two great advances at our house all in one weekend.  Tremble, world.