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Maddox Makes the World Happy =)

Monday, August 31st, 2009


When Jon and I take Maddox out, we get smiles from all sides. It’s really wonderful. People get all soft-eyed and smiley and say, “What a cute baby,” or “How old is the baby?” or they just smile and smile.

(When they say, “I want that baby” or “I will steal that baby” Mom prepares her ninja-fighting skills and holds on extra tight just in case they are serious. I really do tense up and get ready to bite people.)

When we went to Costco the other day, a couple stopped us, grinned at Maddox and patted his arm. Another older couple demanded (in a nice way), “Share the baby!” and admired him while he was sleeping in his car seat. People smile at him in parking lots and in lines and anywhere he goes.

Of course, it helps that, even though he’s teething (poor guy) and isn’t very happy some of the time, when we go out he’s usually happy and engaged with all of the fun things to look at.

He’s a cutie-pie. We love him so much. It’s nice that so many other people do, too!

Our Baby is Loved

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Today, I realized just how much our baby is loved.

Maddox went down for a nap around 10 this morning. It was good, because it gave me a chance to clean up the loft and vacuum up all the kitty litter that the cats have been strewing about in silent protest because they don’t get as much attention anymore. Jon was working on his computer, using technology to A) learn new things B) make us money or C) save the world. (He does this all the time.)

Around 11, Maddox woke up. Jon and I both got up. Then, we raced each other down the hall to Mads’ room because we missed the baby.

When it’s only been an hour, and you miss someone like crazy, you know it’s got to be love. Or obsession. Either way, Maddox is pretty much the center of our world.

Here he is playing with his new dangling teething toys – he is getting so great at grabbing things, which is cute when it’s a toy, and vastly entertaining (to me) when it’s Jon’s nose.


Make ‘Em Laugh

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Maddox has learned how to laugh. He used to shriek and smile, and you could see him trying to figure it out. Lately, it’s happened more and more frequently, and tonight, we were able to get a video of it while Dad “dive bombed” him on the couch.

Hearing him laugh is the most wonderful thing in the world. =)

Papa’s Got a Brand New…Baby?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Since Maddox arrived, it’s been great how much we’ve seen of our families. I fully expected Jon’s parents (Nonni & Papi) to be really excited, seeing as 5 years ago, we had a discussion that pretty much went like this:

Me: So, ideally, when are you expecting grandchildren? How many years from now?

Papi: Now.

(Silence in which Leanne hides under the table and prepares to flee.)

I knew my Mom (Grammy) would also love Mads, because she’s an elementary school music teacher and is great with kids. I have many awesome memories of running around the house being outrageously silly with my mom.

But I’ve been continually surprised by my Dad’s reaction in a really nice way.

Here’s a little bit about my dad, in case you don’t know him. He’s like me, in that he’s not really a child person. At family gatherings for pretty much as far back as I can remember, Dad relates to children from behind a newspaper. He’s not unfriendly, just not really into it. Also, he’s always joked about how when the baby cries, it’s time to hand him back.

But the man is just gonzo on Maddox. It’s really adorable to watch, and he is fantastic with Mads. Yesterday, Jon and I asked him to come talk to a home inspector with us, and after giving his (much appreciated!) input, he proceeded to spend the rest of the time entertaining Maddox.

Mads eats up the attention, and grins and giggles Maddox-style (more like a gleeful shriek at this point). I knew my Dad would love Maddox, because he’s his grandson, but I didn’t know how much fun he’d have with him.

And, when the baby cries, my Dad’s the first one to want to give him his bottle, or bounce him back to happiness. For me, this is such a cool thing to witness, because what is cooler than watching your father and your son adore spending time together?

There’s Nothing Like a Good Book

Monday, August 24th, 2009

And man, that book tastes good.

If you read to Maddox, he looks and listens and tries to grab the pages. But sometimes he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Here is a progression of Mads reading his cloth tag book all on his own:


Hmm, this book looks interesting.


It’s kind of hard to get under control…


Wait, wait, I’m getting it.


Nom nom nom that’s delicious.