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Auntie Kate Comes to Visit

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Somebody is simply thrilled that Auntie Kate has come over, so he gets to put off his nap temporarily.

Photo Update

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Hanging out in our stroller (too hot outdoors, so we ran around the house a few times):


Wearing our “Patent Pending” t-shirt from Kahn & Michelle:


Also, looking through my photo collection makes me realize that he was so little when he first arrived, and that he’s grown so much. 🙂 He sleeps less, smiles more and holds his head up when he wants to look at something. Just this morning he made a new, glass-shatteringly piercing sound.


Those were the days, but these are the days, too!

Clean Baby in a Chair

Monday, July 27th, 2009

This morning, Mads had bath time after we got up. You can see he’s slightly confused by this change in schedule, because we usually do baths in the evenings to alleviate crazy time.


After the bath, he didn’t want to be put down in his Pack ‘n Play, but he did consent to sit in a chair. He’s not sitting up on his own yet, but soon!


You can see that he finds my company somewhat less than stimulating!


After about 5 minutes, he started looking around for food (i.e. Mom) expectantly. So, the party was over, and the chair no longer cut it. After making this clear, he had a 35 minute breakfast and now he’s snoozin’ away in his baby burrito.

Zomg, I Have Hands

Friday, July 24th, 2009

It’s amazing how quickly babies learn and develop. A couple of days ago, Mads realized that hands were good for more than holding in fists constantly. He’s learning to put his fingers in his mouth, and spends hours thwacking himself in the face in attempts to improve his coordination.

He’s gotten pretty good at aiming, he just doesn’t have the muscle control to keep his hands in place very long yet. It’s wild, though – I can remember learning how to ride a bicycle one-handed, and how to do a round house kick, and how to raise an eyebrow (I still can only raise the right one, the left one is just uncooperative), but I can’t remember learning to use my limbs. It’s cool to watch Maddox practice and practice and then to see it just kind of click.

5 Hours of Sleep

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I’ve been informed by my sister, who is my constant source of baby-wisdom, that 5 continuous hours of sleep at 2 months is incredible. I agree. It’s funny how 5 hours of sleep is suddenly a lot. Before having Mads, I would sometimes sleep around the clock and then a few more hours, just for fun. (I don’t really miss this, but it’s mind-boggling to remember.)

Sure, I’ve heard about those babies who sleep through the first night home from the hospital. I’ve decided these are mythological beasts, or else that their parents were so sleep-deprived that they think 20 minutes of sleep is 8 hours.

But 5 hours is pretty great, especially for the past two nights because he’s stayed up until 9, so I don’t have to get up until 2. Per my Mom’s suggestion I’ve started changing him after he eats, instead of before. He used to wake up and demand playtime when I did this, but now he’s got enough in his tummy to keep him pretty content through the changing and re-swaddling. This is also great because he doesn’t scream his head off for food and wake up Dad.

The other day, when Mads was crazier than usual and didn’t nap, it made me realize what a difference 2 months has made. The first month, I was constantly exhausted because I just held him all the time and never had a break. I wasn’t sure if his crying meant hunger or needing to be changed or something else. (It’s still a guessing game sometimes, but it’s considerably easier.) And, he woke up every 2 hours at night, so there was no rest then as well.

On fussy weekends, Jon will praise me for my patience with Mads, and it’s funny because while it can be difficult, this requires so much less patience than a month ago. Maddox naps for at least an hour during the day, even on fussy days. On good days, he’ll nap for 3 or 4 hours, spread out throughout the day. And 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep makes all the difference.

It’s going to be tough when I go back to work. There’s a lot to coordinate, but when I think of people who do parenting solo, I just feel lucky that Jon will be around to help. Also, I think it’s a good thing that Jon will be with me when we drop Maddox off at Jeanne’s – I think I would just keep driving and hope no one at work noticed that the baby was outside instead of still inside. I mean, if I wore the Bjorn under my shirt, who could tell, right? =P