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Our First Walk (Or Carry)

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

We took a walk using our sling today. It was nice to get out, but I felt like poor Maddox was squashed in it – we’re going to have to try a couple of other positions.

We were somewhat frustrated by the Maya Sling video. After watching it 4 or 5 times, Jon and I both began to loathe the smiling demonstrator who cheerfully lifts two babies into her dual-wielded slings, as if carrying 50 lbs all day will not permanently cripple you.

I can see how a sling is useful, though – if we can just get the hang of it, it will enable me to use my computer and get things done around the house while still holding Maddox. Also, it will be more interesting for him – when he was still inside, I was up and running all of the time, so he’s used to a much less sedentary lifestyle.


We didn’t take a picture of Mads in his sling, because all you could see was the top of his teeny head smooshed up against Mom, but here’s a picture of him pouting because no one is holding him – generally, Mom or Dad picks him up the moment he makes a sound. =)

Two Week Weigh In

Friday, May 29th, 2009

We went to the doctor’s today for our two week check up. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this visit, to find out how much Mads has gained – he’s been eating a lot, but it’s a good sign if he’s put on weight.


Mads is officially 8lbs 4oz today, which means he can go in his Baby Bjorn, and has gained over a pound in a week. No wonder he’s been chowing down – this is a great growth spurt.

Right now he’s sacked out on Dad while we watch a movie. Paternity leave is coming to an end, which is sad and somewhat daunting. Not having another pair of hands to help out during the day is going to be tough, and we’ll both miss Dad. It’s also going to be interesting adapting our new sleep schedule to Jon’s work schedule, but we’ll figure it out.


So far, a lot of parenthood is just figuring it out as we go. Our doctor is very helpful – he takes the time to answer any questions we have, and always gives us enough information so we can take good care of Maddox. It’s also great to have Auntie Kristy on call, and our family and friends have been very supportive, especially when it comes to bringing us food!

We did realize today how much effort it takes to get out of the house on time, even though I keep a diaper bag packed at all times, which I carry around the house with me in case he’s hungry, needs an emergency change or has a photogenic moment (cell phone and camera are included as well). As you can see from our blog and flickr accounts, the last occurs pretty often. =)

Our Baby is A Genius

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

It’s funny how something completely mundane is amazing when it’s your kid doing it. Mads does something new every day, simply because he’s new to everything and there’s so much to experience.


Today, he learned to sleep on his side. Yes. He is clearly a genius.

He can also push himself up so his head will peek at you. Very adorable, although he makes these little frustrated sounds when he does it. This is because he can scoot with his legs and lift with his arms, but he hasn’t figured out how to do both at once and actually get anywhere yet.

cord cover for wiresWe figure that once he starts moving around, he will be unstoppable. We will have to get a bunch of cord covers for all our wiring. Luckily, Mom likes hardware and power tools, so this should actually be pretty fun.

Right now, he’s sacked out from eating, so I’m using the time to write a post. It’s also funny how quickly you get used to getting things done in between taking care of the baby – everything else is suddenly secondary.

It’s kind of nice, though – we’re both finding that we get a lot more done these days, because it’s impossible to procrastinate. If you don’t do it now, in this open time slot, you might not get another one!

Image credit: cord covers.

Getting Out of the House After the Baby is Born

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

maternity-leaveOne of the things I was most worried about during the pregnancy was the idea of maternity leave. I don’t thrive when I’m not working, and I need to feel like I’m accomplishing tasks daily in order to stay happy. So, going into this pregnancy, I knew that I’d have to make sure I got out of the apartment during leave in order to keep up the feeling of momentum.

On the other hand, it’s very hard to leave Maddox, even with Dad, whom I trust completely. As mentioned in a previous post, the first time I went out I had to ask Maddox’s godmother Kate to go on a mission of mercy. I.e. I was a weeping basket case and needed someone to distract me from my separation anxiety.

babybjorn-synergy-blackToday, I was feeling kind of antsy from being stuck in the apartment for the past few days. Luckily, Jon’s work has given him 2 weeks of paternity leave, so he’s around until next Tuesday. This gave me the freedom to run out to CVS and to have the chance to think a little bit while driving – at home, I’m so focused on Maddox that it’s hard to have have room in my head for much else.

mayawraprainbowAlthough going out will be more complicated when Jon is back at work and Maddox comes with me, soon Mad’s will be old enough to go into stores, and we can try out the Baby Bjorn and our Maya Sling. (Pictured on the left, although unlike the model, I am not made of wicker.)

Once he’s 8 lbs, we can put him in the Bjorn, and before then, we should be able to use the sling – it’s in the mail, scheduled to arrive on Friday. Reviews and pictures to follow. Until then, check out Dad’s video of Maddox:

(If you are using Google Reader and can’t view the video, please click through to the blog.)

Image credit: Baby Bjorn, Maya sling & maternity leave.

Maddox and the Instant Baby Quiet Machine (Brookstone Tranquil Moments)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

tranquil-momentsIn addition to a swing (and a pile of other baby-related items), Auntie Kristy gave us a Instant Baby Quiet Machine, otherwise known as Brookstone’s Tranquil Moments Sounds for Baby.

We’ve tried the white noise and the prenatal sounds, which are kind of strange. Last night, we got all crazy and put it on the dolphins setting. I wasn’t sure what this would sound like – I guess I was kind of imagining humpback whale sounds. You know, like these.

But, it was surprisingly pleasant. Lots of splashing and gurgling, although no whale sounds, sadly. Maddox seems to like the noises, and they sure put Jon and me to sleep pretty quickly.


The only one I can’t use is the driving setting, because the random acceleration stresses Jon out (he’s been driving in Salem too much) and because it makes me get that hot-tired-groggy feeling that you get when you fall asleep in the backseat of a car for too long.

All in all, I’d vote yes for this product, and thanks for getting it for us, Auntie Kristy!

More pictures here.